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Serving the
Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment Industry
Worldwide for Over 60 Years

D.J. Giancola Exports, Inc. is the largest, US-based export management company specializing only in commercial laundry, dry cleaning, boilers, other related equipment, spare parts and supplies to our network of over 350 distributors worldwide.


Single-source solution


Single-source solution


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Superior support


Export expertise

D. J. Giancola Export's long and vast experience in all aspects of equipment exporting, international shipping, and overseas logistics makes us uniquely qualified to assist you with order consolidation. Yielding benefits is added convenience, speedier delivery of material to its end location, or a lower overall landed cost -- we can consolidate all of the equipment from your D. J. Giancola Exports order or even orders outside our catalogue. Need additional information or help in this area? Just ask!

Our Top Brands

American Dryer Corp

ADC’s laundry product designs are innovative and engineer-driven, improving efficiency and performance, extending product life and enhancing serviceability.

For nearly 50 years, ADC has become the leading manufacturer of drying, washer, and extractor solutions embodying these designs for commercial coin-operated, on-premise, and industrial laundry markets in 90 countries worldwide.

Product Sampling

AD 464

BMM Weston

A supplier to the laundry finishing industry for almost 50 years, BMM Weston offers dependable ironers, presses, and much more. With customers across the sector -- including laundries, hotels, hospitals, prisons and dry cleaners -- BMM Weston Laundry machinery and systems are known for cost-effective yet high quality construction equipment found on every continent. Allied with Castic SMP Machine Corporation, the company's products address a wide range of applications, and many of the company's solutions can be tailored and customized to fit or adapt to specific requirements.

Product Sampling

2x1300x3300 Ironer


Innovative ideas -- and an unwavering commitment to performance, quality materials, and rugged engineering -- combine to characterize Bowe. Benefitting from more than 70 years of experience, the company supplies customers worldwide with washer extractors, tumblers, and dry-cleaning machines -- including its well-regarded PERC and MultiSolvent product lines.

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Bradford White

Bradford White Corporation is a team of American-owned companies that designs, engineers, and builds advanced, high-performance water heating, space heating, combination heating, and storage solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. With manufacturing across North America, every one of Bradford White's facilities is staffed with highly experienced workers and craftspeople dedicated to building superior products -- whether the measure is performance, reliability, energy-efficiency, ease of installation, or innovative design.

Product Sampling


Bradley Emergency Fixtures

When it comes to the most complete and advanced commercial washrooms, and comprehensive solutions for emergency safety applications, no one can match Bradley. For decades, global industry leaders such as Boeing, Walmart, O'Hare Airport, Starbucks, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Penn Station NYC, Disney, Coca-Cola, Qatar University and many others have turned to Bradley for their commercial washroom and industrial safety needs... So have small to mid-sized operations, like local municipalities. No matter the application, Bradley delivers the best value for your need.

Product Sampling


C.R. Daniel / Dandux

For over 98 years, C.R.Daniels Inc. -- a diversified manufacturer with expertise in textile, plastic and metal fabrication -- has provided its customers with quality products to meet their needs. The company's products range from simple tote bags and ayre-flow belting pads, to high-tech energy absorption seats for the Blackhawk Helicopter -- with the company's Dandux® brand-material handling products including canvas baskets, hampers and trucks, vacuum formed tote boxes and rotationally molded bulk storage tubs and trucks. With over 400 types and sizes of standard Dandux material handling containers, trucks, and belts, C.R. Daniels / Dandux can satisfy most of your material handling requirements!

Product Sampling


Cardinal Detecto

Cardinal/Detecto manufactures and markets a complete line of quality weighing products and systems for numerous industries, including the laundry sector. Solutions include industry-leading stainless-steel splash proof bench scales and heavy-duty floor scales that withstand repeated exposure to heavy industrial clothes containers and linen weighing. Moreover, the EB series’ stainless-steel construction is resistant to moisture and are very easy to clean. Whatever the laundering need, Cardinal Scale/Detecto has the scales you need to service your laundromat and bulk-clothing weighing needs.

Product Sampling


Chandler Consew

Chandler Machine USA (formerly Chandler Machine Company of Ayer, Massachussetts) manufactures industrial, hand-operated and electrical sewing machines used in the garment trade, dry cleaning establishments and laundries. The company's solutions are focused on a wide range of textile manufacturing and processing tasks, including swatch cutting, sewing, embroidery, darning, quilting, blindstitching, and more. Heavy-duty models are designed to handle heavy materials, such as canvas, tarps and sail cloth. And the company's electronic servo and clutch motors are recognized as the premium motors on the market today, combining extreme power, low amperage draw, and exceptional balancing to provide the finest quality solution.

Product Sampling


Chicago Dryer Company

Chicago specializes in commercial laundry finishing systems. The knowledge, dedication and creativity of the company's factory staff -- combined with local technical expertise, product innovation, quality and tradition -- makes Chicago a powerful, single-source supplier for finishing solutions including separating, feeding, ironing, folding and linen handling equipment for laundries of all sizes. Whether you need to finish millions of pounds of healthcare, institutional, or hospitality linen per year, or just a few hundred pounds per week, Chicago has the solution that's just right for you.

Product Sampling


Clean Cycle

For over 35 years, Clean Cycle Systems has set the standard for lint filtration and exhaust air systems around the world. Whether the application is a laundry facility or a textile manufacturing center, Clean Cycle solutions offer a range of benefits, among them optimum performance (with capture of up to 98% of exhaust lint from dryer tumblers); dependable engineering support with over 50 years of laundry systems experience to create the best possible system at your facility; strategically located manufacturing and sales centers to support shipping around the world; to a wide range of models (including customization) to accommodate any situation.

Product Sampling



A successful business model since 1946, EDRO designs, manufactures and supports a range of laundry washer-extractors, tumbler dryers and ozone systems for use in non-residential laundry operations. While we are perhaps best known for our shipboard and marine installations which include the main laundries of United States Navy surface ship combatants, aircraft carriers and submarines, our machines are installed in land based laundries throughout the world. Battleship Quality construction, along with cutting edge innovations set our machines apart from the competition. In-house design and production capabilities include solid modeling design, extensive metal working including laser and high definition plasma cutting, machining and bending, and mechanical and electronic assembly.

Product Sampling



Energenics supplies innovative solutions for the commercial laundry industry, with a focus on removal of lint and dust, resolution of airflow issues, and minimizing bacteria generated by healthcare textiles. Products from Energenics are well-engineered, manufactured to high quality standards, and supported by expert technical services -- all with a goal of exceeding customer expectations.

Product Sampling


Fairfield Laundry Machinery

Fairfield Laundry Machinery manufactures Material Handling Systems for the laundry industry. From monorails to lint collectors; from hoppers and chutes to coaxial ducts and roll-up tables... Every piece of equipment offered by Fairfield Laundry Machinery is engineered for performance, built with the highest quality material available, and backed by industry-leading technical support. And the same holds true for the company's full line of accessories and replacement parts.

Product Sampling

(FLM) SM-13


From its beginnings in the summer of 1961, Forenta has been a leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of safe, reliable and user-friendly garment care equipment. Since its early days of producing only pressing equipment for the U.S. market, Forenta has expanded its product line to include steam-air finishing machines, spotting boards, garment conveyors, water chillers and a wide variety of miscellaneous products -- all of them sold in all across the world and to many different industries, including dry-cleaners, commercial laundries, premium hotels, cruise ships, naval warships, hospitals and garment manufacturers. Manufactured to strict standards for safety, quality and reliability, Forenta's industry-leading warranty offers peace of mind and years of trouble-free service, backed by Forenta's worldwide network of dealers provide recommendations, installation, training and service.

Product Sampling



The Fulton Companies is an American, multi-national group of companies headquartered in Pulaski, New York, USA. Fulton researches, engineers, manufactures and sells complex heat transfer equipment for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Today, Fulton employs more than 875 people in facilities in five countries, and has served as an industry leader of emerging heat technologies for more than 60 years. Fulton has maintained a reputation for quality and excellence since 1949. With products ranging from Steam and Hydronic boilers to Thermal Fluid Heaters and Custom Engineered Systems, Fulton has a product for virtually any industrial or commercial heating application.

Product Sampling

FB-L Model
ICS Model


LACO Machinery was established with the specific goal of providing chest ironers for small- and medium-size industrial laundries and OPL's (such as hotels, nursing homes, and hospitals) -- in order to bring the same high efficiency technology enjoyed by industrial-scale laundries. To achieve this goal, LACO Machinery developed and patented the truly flexible single shell chest for gas and electro-heated ironers; additionally, LACO machinery was the first manufacturer to use this technology in combination with the high efficiency thermal oil pumps in self-contained ironers. The resulting highly flexible chest was quickly recognized as a new standard of high quality ironing for smaller applications (such as hotels up to 4 and 5 stars who have up to 400-500 rooms) and smaller-scale capacities (30-260 kg/hour).

Product Sampling



Ever since the company's very first ironer in 1950, Lapauw has been on the vanguard of laundry technology. Today, Lapauw's broad range of washing, ironing, garment equipment, cleanroom solutions, and tunnel washing solutions are at work in over 40 countries around the globe -- with customers who know Lapauw machines are highly efficient, incredibly durable, and assured to operate at the lowest operating costs.

Product Sampling

IronClassic: 2C1/933G


Lavatec Laundry Technology GmbH represents a new perspective in economy, efficiency and cleanliness. The company's products -- whether they are concerned with washing, water-extraction, drying, ironing or transportation -- can provide a fully automated laundry solution. From the very largest commercial and industrial laundries, or from hotels and hospitals, Lavatec's customers depend on the company's technology for optimum efficiency, economy, and trouble-free maintenance and operation.

Product Sampling

Leonard Automatics

Founded in 1969, Leonard Automatics is a world-class manufacturing company, serving industries worldwide -- including the industrial laundry sector. Leonard’s machines are manufactured with high quality materials, easy-to-source components, exceptional dependability, and are backed by the industry’s best technical support team. Leonard products include Steam Tunnel Finishing Equipment, Transporter Stainless Steel Conveyors, Stack-N-Store Multi-lane Draping Stackers, Stainless Steel Cart-Washers, the LF Series large piece folder and stacker, the LFC Combination Large Piece Folder/Crossfolder-small piece folder/stacker, and Pressing Equipment.

Product Sampling


Maxi Companies

A sister-company of DJG Exports and DJG Parts, the Maxi Companies were established in 1994 with the express goal of creating a full line of "lean, mean laundry machines" for commercial applications. Additionally, Maxi's product line is designed to offer customers optimum flexibility to address any application's requirements, easy maintenance, energy savings and ecologically sound designs. And, lastly, Maxi strives to deliver best-in-class sales and technical information, simplified ordering, and customer-friendly shipping, payment arrangements, spare parts and warranty fulfillment.

Product Sampling

HMC 4153XL


Since its launch in 1959, Maytag® Commercial Laundry has been a go-to-choice for reliable machines -- with washers and dryers built from the ground up using robust materials that result in excellent cleaning every single time. Maytag's full range of washers and dryers for the vended, multi-housing, and on-premises markets are engineered to help save on utility costs, optimize revenue cycles, and increase throughput. No matter the segment, Maytag's proven solutions answer the call. Add in our veteran service, sales, and parts teams, and you’ll see Maytag backs its machines with the knowledge and expertise to drive the industry forward. With user-friendly controls, powerful cleaning capabilities, and specific focus on ease-of-service, Maytag continually finds new ways to deliver the dependability and durability that commercial laundry facilities need. And thanks to a global network of independent distributors, Maytag machines are available around the world.

Product Sampling



Meese has an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and personal service. Originally founded as Meese Inc. in 1931, the company utilizes the most sophisticated rotational molding system in the world, producing superior plastic products for industries such as laundry, recycling, material handling, and recreation, as well as for emerging industries such as e-scrap, agriculture, fishing, and manufacturing. With plants strategically located across the United States, the Meese process for developing and designing bulk laundry carts routinely earns awards for excellence in design innovation and roto-molding skills.

Product Sampling



Founded in 1947, Pellerin Milnor Corporation today is a leading commercial and industrial laundry equipment manufacturer. Milnor products are designed and tested with the customer in mind -- and ranges in size and application types from washer-extractors with 25-700 lb. capacity (11-317 kg), automated tunnel washing systems for processing 7,000 lb. (3,175 kg) per hour or more, dryers, material handling systems, and laundry computer networks.

Product Sampling

CBW 76028


Mobics is a supplier of industrial control systems, vision systems, software and knowledge. Founded in 2007, Mobics has developed a wide range of control systems for both new machines and the retro-fitting of older machines in the commercial laundry sector. Mobics supplies manufacturers of machines, industry and businesses in various market sectors, all over the world. Through development, they offer a selection of PC software packages that give a better insight in production operations, so both operator and machine can work as efficiently as possible. All products can be tailored to specific requirements if needed. You can find Mobics scanners and software in many of the leading commercial laundry and dry cleaning manufactured equipment on the market today.

Product Sampling

Mobics AiSheet Folding Scanner
Mobics AiScan Towel Scanner
Mobics AiScan Stack Scanner


Founded in 1958, Pony is an international market leader in the design, development, manufacture, and support of pressing and finishing equipment. Solutions include ironing tables; shirt/garment-formers, toppers, and tablets; spotting equipment; assorted presses; and a complete range of supporting parts and accessories. In all cases, Pony products can be counted on for advanced engineering, durability, quality materials, and long-life in adverse conditions and incessant use.

Product Sampling


R&B Wire

R&B Wire Products is a diversified manufacturer of wire, tubular, poly, and vinyl bushel products serving the coin-laundry, healthcare, hospitality, laundry, janitorial supply, material handling and car wash sectors. As the industry leader, R&B is the standard in the laundry cart business, and has been since its inception in 1946. R&B's commitment to innovation and leadership ensures product improvements and the highest quality available.

R&B has expanded its product line over the years beyond an extensive line of standard and front-loading laundry carts to include garment racks; wire, linen and utility carts; wire shelving; bulk linen trucks; turnabout trucks; poly trucks; vinyl bushel & elevated trucks and our extensive line of hampers. The company also prides itself on select, high-volume custom manufacturing capabilities. Standard or custom, all R&B products are built with the same commitment to quality and service.

Product Sampling


Rema Dri-Vac

Rema Dri-Vac Corp. is a third-generation, family-owned/operated business based out of Norwalk, CT. Rema concentrates on engineering long-lasting equipment, while offering top quality customer service. The originator of the vertical air vacuum and a manufacturer of durable, quality equipment since 1947 -- today's Rema serves customers worldwide as also a leading manufacturer of boiler return systems, blow-off separators, and condensate receivers utilized by the boiler and fabricare industries.

Product Sampling



Renzacci is a recognized market leader in supplying wet cleaning and traditional laundry solutions to commercial and industrial scale laundering applications. Along with supplying high-quality machinery -- as well as innovation to achieve compact footprints, environmentally efficient operation, and optimum throughput -- Renzacci offers unrivaled knowledge, expertise, and outstanding service.

Product Sampling

Progress 20 Club Xtreme


A third-generation manufacturer of high-performance compressors utilized by a wide range of industries -- including the industrial laundry and maintenance sectors -- Rolair has built a longstanding and unwavering reputation the design, development, and manufacturing of contractor- and industrial-grade with compressors. The company's attention to detail, precision engineering, and commitment to rugged, performance-driven materials and construction sets it apart from inferior designs.

Product Sampling



Offering a wide range of laundering, dry-cleaning, bagging, hot-head, and specialized machines -- as well as a full line of supporting parts and accessories -- Sankosha has established a worldwide reputation for integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company's products are known for their labor-saving designs, durability to withstand tough environments and everyday use, and overall low-life cycle costs. At Sankosha USA, Inc., the overarching drive is to provide the exceptional customer satisfaction standard established by Mr. Mitsuyuki Uchikoshi when he began business in 1968.

Product Sampling



Established in 1934, Thermopatch is a global organization and market leader specializing in emblems, transfers and label solutions. With our headquarters in Syracuse, NY (USA) -- and serving customers in Europe from our operations in the Netherlands -- Thermopatch offers a variety of high reliability, high-durability, and high-efficiency equipment to customers in the commercial laundry, health care, garment, dry cleaning, and other branded clothing markets.

Product Sampling



Tupesa's goal is not only to achieve the market standards, but to surpass them by applying the latest technology and advanced techniques. Offering a truly extensive line up of machines for the commercial laundering segment -- including speed washer extractors, stone washers, dryers, ovens, garment finishers, among many others -- the common denominator among Tupesa solutions quality: Quality engineering, quality materials, quality support.

Product Sampling



Based in Tampa, Florida (USA) -- Unipress Corporation manufactures laundry and dry cleaning equipment, with particular expertise in machinery focused on blouse and shirt tensioning, collar and cuffing, baggers, and other industrial-scale garment finishing equipment. Unipress laundry presses are manufactured on two size frames. The presses manufactured on the Z frames have an 8" diameter squeeze cylinder and the F frame presses have a 5" diameter squeeze cylinder.

Product Sampling

HS-1 Hurricane

White Conveyors

White offers a full line of dry cleaning and garment-handling solutions for the commercial laundry, hospitality, correctional institution, retail and residential markets. With more than 76,500 conveyors installed in the United States and worldwide -- and a proven track record of 70+ years -- White's products are designed to deliver relentless performance with minimal maintenance, surpassing established industry standards for efficiency, reliability, and overall value.

Product Sampling

White Conveyor Stor-U-Veyor
White Conveyor Double tier “DS” model Stor-U-Veyor
White Conveyor Rail Management System (RMS) - Monorail